Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

~~eko aRUOKUN~~



AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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AAC produces and supplies Artifact.

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“We thank our head(s)”


AFFILIATES, Full Members (Eko Aruokun), and Elders

  1. Affiliates
  2. Affiliates are people at threshold to presence of Provident OKUN. They may enter antechamber to ARUOKUN on merit. You enter the chamber when you either register for Aruokun Sessions, or own and use our artifacts as directed in their manuals. Those who do, automatically share in benevolence and spiritual benefits as protection and guidance in ARUOKUN.

    Affiliate members are people who login to our websites or Blogs, and read our publications. They bought our products that include LiveAxe, ODION-Genral, OYIYA, ODIN-Rod, and Herbal Ebo-Soap. They may also own Aruokun Home Version (AHV). (See also ARUOKUN TALISMANIC--Link to source of Universe and destiny.) They received manuals with products. They are encouraged to enroll formerly, pay membership dues, receive lectures, and participate in rehearsals so they can enter the antechamber to ARUOKUN. Those who attend ARUOKUN SESSIONS and rehearse in congregation or online via Skype (or similar facilities) as students over a period could migrate to higher levels. Aruokun Sessions are REHEARSALS and compulsory for moving from affiliate membership to full membership and beyond.

  3. Full Members: (Re EKO COMMUNITY)
  4. People who own LiveAxes may apply at any time to become students. They should affiliate with AUOKUN COMMUNITY (or Faboul-Cownic Worldwide-FCW, now defunct) for some time. They enroll formally, pay subscriptions, and rehearse as members of a congregation of Eko Aruokun. They, in return receive lectures at intervals and may attend what was called SHUGUN WEEKENDS (during FCW), or ARUOKUN SESSIONS. They receive counseling arising from experiences owing to rehearsing. Oboirodivination for them is carried out for those who rehearse (re OHHUN) on request.

    They are encouraged to attend Aruokun Sessions near them for REHEARSALS (re OHHUN). They otherwise are entitled to participate in online rehearsals by Skype (radio, or facilities current at any time). (If you belong in this category and have not been invited, please pay your dues up to date, and send us your Skype number. We will contact you.) Affiliate members become full members of Eko Aruokun (re NAIVITOR) met conditions that include proof of understanding of basics relating to Oboiro Mandate, Divine Plan, 6-Way Junction, and Universal Golden Rule (UGR). Some become NAIVITOR.

  5. EDION-Elders (Re EKO ARUOKUN)
  6. Members Of Eko Aruokun and NAIVITOR may become EDION (plural of odion). They MUST own artifact called ODION (for male) or OYIYA (for female). These have access to verses of SONGS (OHHUN). They earned them as these were shared at rehearsals.  Although people may pick “words of power” or verses in our literature that contain OHHUN, we do NOT share crucial OHHUN in print; instead, members learn them during rehearsals or CONCLAVES. Worthy ones, receive OHHUN mystically as revelations during rehearsals (at home or at Eko Aruokun). Ideally, members at this level receive revelations of SONGS as OHHUN directly from transcendent ARUOKUN (erinmwin Aruokun etebite).

  7. Partners/Directors
  8. People receive confidential invitation to join at this level. They will own EGBA/”ODIN’S RING”, mark of distinction and access to powers to work with ANCESTORS. (See image.) Conditions will be disclosed to them at special CONCLAVES or correspondences. 

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Quarterly Dues is N15, 000.00 (fifteen thousand Nigeria Naira)

N60, 000.00 annually.

OR $400.00 annually OR  $100.00 quarterly

ALTERNATIVELY, Pay Nigeria Naira or US Dollars into any of the following accounts:

  • Dahra Hargaalga:
  • First Bank (US Dollar by wire or cash deposit) :
    • 35 Marina Road,


      Lagos. Nigeria.

      Account # 20235 50463

      Swift Code: FBNINGLAXXX

  • Ecobank (Naira Cash deposit and wire transfer only) )
    • Account # 48111 90629

      Swift Code: ECOCNGLAXXX


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